About Me

My passion is for helping parents connect to one another for encouragement and support in the most important job they will ever do. It's never too late to improve your parenting skills!

Jill Hasstedt
With 15 years of classroom experience as a Junior High Teacher and 2 small boys in our home, I completed an MA degree in Family Life Education (INO) at the University of Illinois in Springfield in 1994.  I began learning about Love and Logic in 1995 and my husband soon joined in.  It gradually changed our family dynamic in some very healthy ways!  (We couldn't have made it through adolescence without Love and Logic!)  It still contributes every day to healthy relationships and vibrant communication in our home. 

In 2006, I completed facilitator training at the Love and Logic Institute in Colorado Springs and have been offering classes open to the community and held on the Zion campus since then. I love the difference I see  L&L principles making every day for families of every type.

I am an Independent Facilitator for all 3 Love and Logic curricula.

Classes offered on the campus of Zion Lutheran Church & School cost $40 for individuals and $55 for couples or those who are co-parenting.  Financial Assistance is available.  The cost includes a workbook and a parenting CD from Love and Logic.  Classes are open to all.
Classes offered as workshops offsite
  • 9 Essentials of the Love and Logic Classroom - This class involves 9 hours of instruction and  is available as 3 three hour long workshops which must be booked together. The cost for this class is $500 for 3 days within a $50 mile radius of Belleville, Illinois.