Saturday, May 14, 2016

Statements you can enforce...

Enforceable statements  put you in control.  Some options.

Are they fighting over the TV remote?
  • Simply take it and say, "Children who make my ears hurt by fighting over the remote get to play outside."
  • Oh man, children who share the remote get to keep watching TV.

Need kids to pick up the toys they took outside before you all go in for supper? 
  •  "Kids who pick up their toys before supper get to keep them."
  • "Kids who bring their toys back in get to have dessert."

Big pile of clothes on your teen's floor? 
  • People who put their clothes in the laundry get them washed.
  • Kids who pick up their clothes get to keep them.
  • Kids with neat rooms get to keep the door on.

Kids who don't want to take baths.
  • Children who take a bath get a bed time snack.
  • Clean sweet smelling children get 30 minutes on the iPad.
  • Clean sweet smelling children get to pay with friends tomorrow.
Of course, you do have to follow through on the built in consequence if they don't.  That's the hard part.  But, the more they know you words are trustworthy, the fewer problems you'll have.

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