Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chores 1 - Getting Ready for Summer - Love and Logic - Back in Gear!

Well. I've been off task for a good many months but I still love Love and Logic so it's time to get in gear!  If you are in the Metro East of St. Louis join our Metro East Love and Logic group here.

Here's a few quick Love and Logic tips on getting kids to do chores.

1.  Start a list on the refrigerator of everything you do.. let it grow daily for a week or so

  • Earn the money for the household
  • Pay the cable bill
  • Pay the electric bill
  • Shop for groceries
2.  Next ask the family to list the things you do for them that they like having you do
  • Make meals
  • Clean sheets
  • Rides to things they want to go 
  • Buying snacks they like
  • planning fun things to do
3.  Call a family pow wow to ask what things they might be willing to do. Be ready for complaining but also be ready for some chores they can do and offer choices.  A sneaky way to start is by if they could do some of the really big chores you do -like earning the money, paying the bills, doing all the laundry, etc.  When they bulk just say you'll be happy to do that and go on to the next one until you get to a more doable list.

Love and Logic teaches about chores in Lesson 6 of the Parenting with Love and Logic Curriculum. Here's a YouTube clip that might help: Two rules for Getting Kids to Do Chores

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