Monday, April 14, 2014

Rainy Day Love and Logic

 Want to use Love and Logic on a rainy day?  

Well... you could ask
  1. "Would you like to wear your raincoat or carry it?" (Giving 2 choices either of which you can live with.)
  1. You could use problem solving too.  "It's raining outside today.  Do you think we should have any special plans for that?" If your child answers, "I don't know" be prepared with 2-3 options like:
    • Some kids make sure they have a raincoat.
    • Some kids take an umbrella
    • Some kids put their books or papers in a plastic sack
  2. What if they don't like your suggestions.  They can come up with some of their own or not do anything.  The key here is to let them learn from the consequences. Shivering with damp clothing won't kill them.  Having to redo a soggy paper is acceptable.  
Our job as parents is not to protect our children from making mistakes.  It;s to help them learn from them while the price tag is small.

(The image used for this post came from this site .  It is  a London tourist site for family outings for rainy days.)

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