Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why It's So Important NOT to Argue with Your Kids!

Letting kids argue with you sets everyone up for failure.  How?

  1. Children learn that arguing is a good way to get attention. (We want kids to get attention in more positive ways.  We want to give it to them for ore positive reasons.)
  2. Children learn that their persistence will wear you down.  ( All they have to do is keep it up and you will give them what they want.  Who is in control then?)
  3. Children learn they have control.  (I can make Mom or dad's face turn red!)
  4. If I am bored and need to experiment with my power levels... I can stir up mom or dad
Lesson one in "Parenting the Love and Logic Way" helps parents learn how put an end to arguing, back talk and whining!  You can find classes close to you at or by calling 1-800-338-4065.  Looking for a resource to help?  Try: Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless.

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