Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Arguing.... Ahhhhh! #4

Love and Logic Wisdom: "There' nothing wrong with a child that a little arguing won't make worse!"

It's crazy but true.  You can never win an argument with a child.  They will keep coming up with responses until you tire out and give in. 

What's the answer?  Go brain dead!

This technique simply involves using one repetitive response, said with kind empathy, like "I Know" or "It probably seems that way" whenever your child is trying to engage you in an argument with your child.

Here are some examples.

Child: "That's not fair!"
Parent: "I know!"

Child:  "I want to go to McDonald's
Parent: "I know. "

Child:  "I hate peas!"
Parent: "I know"

Child: "You don't love me."
Parent:  "It probably seems that way"

Child: "I like the old Momy better!"
Parent: "I know"

Child: "I hate 'I know'!"
Parent: "I know"

I'm not saying this will make your child satisfied and happy.  Over time, they will learn that arguing doesn't work as a tool for manipulating you to get their way.

The above skills is explained in the "Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless" by Jim and Charles Fay, Chapter 3.

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