Monday, January 2, 2012

Taming the Gaming Monster (Post 5 of 7)

This has been a powerful series of posts on gaming as I've interviewd Love and Logic speaker Jedd Hafer.  These last few posts may be even more powerful then the first.

Question 7: Jedd, should children be allowed to have gaming systems in their rooms?

It is best if they are not in bedrooms - especially if kids have access to online gaming.

Online gaming is just like letting a kid wander the worst parts of the internet. The internet is worse than the biggest, most dangerous city in the world. Would we let our kids wander alone in the most dangerous part of the worst big city in the world? In fact, it is worse because predators specifically use online gaming to lure kids. It is also a hotbed of hacking. Kids tend to be more careless with their passwords, so hackers have found this to be an effective way to get into to families’ information.

Plus, it is just more tempting, more accessible and less easily supervised when the system is in a bedroom.

Computers and games – and anything with web access should be in supervised areas. You can password protect and/or filter your internet service and most devices. Get a techie friend (not your child) to help.

Parents who have the most disasters are those who give young children complete free reign of all devices and complete privacy. It is not ‘if’ they will have problems, it is ‘when’.
Final Two Posts: Jedd's response to 2 real life scenarios

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