Monday, December 19, 2011

Taming the Gaming Monster (Post 2 of 7)


My interview with Jedd Hafer, speaker for Love and Logic, continues with more questions on Taming the Gaming Monster.   Many parents can't go to their parents to ask advice on gaming issues because they perceive that for them it is a "new problem" unique to this generation of parents.  So,  parents are struggling with what are the healthy boundaries they should be setting.

Question 3:  Jedd, what
boundaries or limits do you see good parents setting when it comes to video games? What Love and Logic strategies can be used? One of my favorite phrases is “I provide…” (or ‘We provide…’). Parents plug this in at the beginning of the limit and then the condition goes at the end.

“We provide video games for kids who ______.”

In this next blank, we can insert the limit – broad or specific:

“…for kids who turn them off when asked.”
“…as long as they don’t cause problems.”
“…for kids who don’t fight over the controllers.”

“…for kids who are respectful and have their work done.”

Wise parents make sure they have control over the kids’ access from day 1 in case kids test these limits.

Next Post:  When they see gaming as an issue, how should a parent step in to help their child manage their time better?

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