Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Announcing a New Series of Posts - Taming the Gaming Monster!

Join me as I interview Love and Logic speaker, Jedd Hafer for a discussion on "Taming the Video Game Monster" starting December. 14.   
  1. Dec. 14 Are boys hit harder by video games? How much screen time is too much?
  2. Dec. 19, Setting boundaries on gaming
  3. Dec. 23, Should parents step in to monitor time management when they see a problem?
  4. Dec. 29, Should school nights be a no gaming zone?
  5. Jan. 2, Should kids be allowed to have gaming systems in their rooms?
  6. Jan. 7, Jr High student complaining about not enough time for gaming
  7. Jan 12, My High School Student is Gaming All Night. What should I do?
Jedd Hafer
Want a head start? Check out "Taming the Technology Monster," an MP3 download by clicking here. It's a Love and Logic Speed-E solution.

•Teaching kids to make good decisions
•Affordable versus unaffordable mistakes
•Setting limits
•And much more.

by Dr. Charles Fay and Jedd Hafer
audio download, 36 min."


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