Friday, November 18, 2011

Kids with Bad Grades Can Have a Great Life - My Last Post on This Book

New from Dr. Charles Fay!
Paperback, 17.95

From Chapter 8:

"Kids who have a purpose in life are far more likely to have a purpose in school. " (p. 101)

Dr. Charles fay promotes the idea that children should grow up as family team members.  If children CAN do something (are able to) then parents should be careful NOT to rob children of believing that they have valuable contributions to make.

So how do we help kids feel needed and valuable? They can
  • Prepare and clean up after at least one meal a week
  • Check newspapers for coupons to help the family save money
  • Help younger siblings with school work
  • Help neighbors by shoveling snow or raking leaves.
Dr. Fay points out the "Purpose-Achievement Connection."    He suggests that if you are too cozy with your "inner-child" you might never outgrow the selfishness of a small child.  All too many parents "serve" their children.  Some of these children start to believe they should be served all the time.  They expect to be the center of the universe and  this can lead to great unhappiness in the future when they discover they are not.

There is nothing more meaningful then a sense of purpose.  In this Chapter, the author provides many examples of ways to help children develop purpose.

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