Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kids with Bad Grades Can Have a Great Life  #7

New from Dr. Charles Fay!
Paperback, 17.95

Could a dull home life make school more exciting? Dr. Fay says yes! Children who become addicted to the fast pace of modern technology may view their teachers as "archaic machines in need of a quicker hard drive." (p. 71)

"Children of the 21st century have been conditioned to believe that everything on life should be fast paced, stimulating and fun." (p. 72) but how does that translate into the real world of school and work?   While Dr. Fay shares important cautions in this chapter about childhood access to computers, video games, and cell phones he strongly lays out a plan for what I'd call "slowing."  It's not easy and indeed children will experience withdrawal fro business  bit "When our lives are a blur of activity, we run the risk of creating kids who aren't willing to take the time to think and learn." (p. 82)

What if your kids complain about being "bored"?    You are on the right track and your kids are normal! 

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