Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Allowance and Chores and Conflicting Suggestions

A prominent financial educator suggests that children should earn an allowance through completing chores. Love and Logic suggests that allowances should not be tied  to chores.  Chores or contributions are something every member in the family does because that's part of being a valued member of the family.


I can only say that when it comes to Love and Logic experimentation is a fine thing!  Paying for chores can lead to problems. If there is no immediate need for money then chores might go undone.  The other side of the problem is that unless money is offered there might be unwillingness to contribute.   ("What's in it for me?)

The answer may lie in a simple tweak.

1. Have an expectation of a few chores or contributions daily for each member of the household.
2. Provide an allowance.
3. If children want to earn extra money, parents might offer them the option of completing some chores off of Mom or Dad's list.
4. If a child does not want to complete a chore on their list, they can pay someone else to complete it.

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