Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kids with Bad Grades Can Have a Great Life  #2
New from Dr. Charles Fay!
Paperback, 17.95

When it comes to underachievement, Dr. Charles Fay suggests we get a good handle on what this label means in the first place.  To do so he defines the opposite of underachievement: success.

Successful people treat others with respect.  They love and take care of their families.  They have the skills to maintain employment and to be fiscally responsible.  They build others up instead of tearing them down; they serve others without expecting to be served; and they take more pride in doing good things then in getting good things (p. 2)

If we are on the lookout for success, grades will never tell the whole story.  Instead we should be helping our children to develop the qualities that will make them successful humans as well as successful students: 
  • Ability to delay gratification.
  • Ability to persevere when a task becomes tedious.
  • Being able tom maintain a positive attitude when they make mistakes.
  • Being able to accept corrective feedback without becoming angry, sullen, or depressed.
  •  Ability to cooperate and compromise.

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