Sunday, October 16, 2011

 New from Dr. Charles Fay!
Paperback, 17.95

Kids with Bad Grades Can Have a Great Life!

I have a dark secret to share... my sons were not very good students.  Frankly, it was embarrassing. As an educator I had great plans for my children... I'd read to them a lot!  I'd help them be organized.  I'd provide a good study environment. They'd be awesome students! But MY plans didn't materialize ... well not right away. 

They were both average students in grade school and poor performers in high school. I knew they were intelligent but no one else could have seen that by looking at their grades in high school. There were days when I wanted to badly deface the bumper stickers on cars that said, "My child is an honor student at ____."   Miraculously both guys found their academic feet during college ... finally!  As adults they love learning!

This book by Dr. Charles Fay is excellent.  In the introduction he notes he  wasn't such a great student himself.  I'll be doing several posts on this book.  The following is just from the intro...
  • Punishing kids for failing to learn doesn't make them love learning.
  • You can't do it.  Only they can.
  • Motivation to learn comes from internal curiosity...rather then external coercion
  • Children blossom from the inside-out when adults in their lives help them develop great character: to be polite, honest, caring, industrious.
  • There's hope for all kids.
  • Great people... regardless of their academic achievements... seem to find their way to a great life.

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