Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School - Best Practices - "Do For" Less

"Do For" Less
What's the best give you can give your child?  Well certainly one of the best gifts is the ability to function with independence.  That can be hard if the way you show "love"  is by "doing for."  In the long run you'll be helping them build great self esteem and become more competent and responsible adults.  You might need to allow a little more time in the short run but that time will become an awesome investment in your child!

So what does this look like in real life?  Here are 3 possibilities even most 3 year olds can participate in.
Don't pack their book bag for school for them.  Ask, "What do you think you're going to need in your bag for the first day of school?"  Then listen as they talk that through.  If they forget something, ask a question: "Will the teacher expect you to bring a paint shirt?" (L&L Skills: Teaching children to solve their own problems.)

Don't sharpen pencils for them.  Say: "These pencils don't look like they will write very well.  What do you think needs to happen?"  If they have never sharpened a pencil before this is a great time to learn.  Warning, every pencil in the drawer at home might sharpened right down to the eraser!  That too becomes a learning opportunity.  (L&;L Skills: Teaching children to solve their own problems.)

Don't pick clothes out for them.  Say out loud, "I wonder what I am going to wear tomorrow?  Picking out my clothes for tomorrow now will save time tomorrow morning.  I'm going to go to my closet and do that!  I have to be careful because some clothes aren't nice enough for work.  Do you want to pick out your clothes or do you have another plan?"  (L&L Skills: Let them eavesdrop on your thoughts. Modelling. Give Choices.)

Do let them make mistakes.

Have a great school year!


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