Monday, June 27, 2011

Handling Childhood Agression

Toddlers and pre-schoolers who chronically bite, hit, kick, display other aggressive behaviors  can benefit a great deal from early intervention.  If there behavior is not stopped they may become aggressive and antisocial adults.  But there is good news for parents and educators from Love and logic.  Intervention now can change the tide.
  1. Rethink spanking.  Children can imitate aggressive behavior from adults and there are so many great alternatives that make spanking unnecessary.  With an aggressive child, adults need to model these alternatives consistently.  The day will come when they will be to bog to spank so wouldn't it be a great idea to figure out the alternatives now?
  2. Use alternatives techniques for discipline.  Love and Logic has great Cd's full of easy to follow examples:  Try Oh Great What do I do Now and  Love and Logic When Kids Drain Your Energy.
  3. The Uh Oh Song also works great. 
  4. Lead with Empathy (See archives on this blog)

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