Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer bedtime! (Also, Don't miss the next class starting soon!)

It's stays light until after 9:00 pm and suddenly children want to stay up later?  That might be okay but what of you still have to get them up for daycare at 6:30 am?  Here are some experiments you might try:
  • Make early evenings more active.  Turn off the TV and be outside together.  Run 'em hard!  This might mean changing your own couch potato behavior but hey, honestly...the sacrifice will be healthier for everybody!
  • Have a consistent "in" time.  Come back-in for cooling off, cool drinks and a snack, baths...quiet things down gradually.
  • Plan a happy and consistent bed time routine. Talk about good things that happened during the day.  Prayer time can help bring the energy level down too. Again, you may be tired but time here is important. 
  • Darken their rooms before you go in.  Some parents darken the whole house in the time before bed... drawing curtains or pulling shades and creating twilight inside.
  • If they will be entering a new grade in the fall establish a bed time that is a bit later to celebrate the advance in age... 15 minutes?  Even a 10 minute difference if bedtimes for older and younger children is meaninful (and helps you spread out attention).
  • Go crazy on Friday night... let bedtime go late, camp out in the back yard, cook out together, have picnic suppers.  Then let Saturday morning start at a slower pace.  This might work on Saturday night too but if you go to church reguarly be careful to not set yourself up for "crabbies" on Suday morning.
Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!

June 21-25, 9:30-11:00 AM
Offered during Planet Zoom VBS
at Zion Lutheran Church
1801 McClintock Ave.
Belleville, IL 62221
We're offering this 5 session class for parents of children from age 6 months through age 5 all in one week!. You can enjoy the class while your children join in the amazing fun at "Planet Zoom" VBS. Infants and toddlers can come too! (Alumni of the same class at Zion are free but please register!)

Get practical help on everything from eating challenges and bedtime to potty training and tantrums. We laugh a lot! VBS starts at 9:00 so you can take your time getting little ones settled and then mosey into class for coffee, juice, fresh fruity and bagels. Class ends at 11:00 giving you a full hour to run an errand, stay and chat with other parents, take a walk at Belleville East or nearby Ladderman Park or find a quiet corner to read.

For information call 618-233-2299 or Email: (registration for attached)

Leave a comment on this blog by June 15 and get $15.00 off registration!  Just write the name you wrote your comment under and ECPMF2010 on the top right hand corner of the registration form. 


  1. I am enjoying this blog! Thanks! Looking forward to the Love & Logic class this summer. Melanie W

  2. How do I get a registration form?


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