Sunday, April 11, 2010

Providing Reasonable Deadlines for Chores...

Parent on Wednesday morning.:  Jim, please get the lawn mowed before soccer practice on Saturdfay morning at 11:00.

Note: The request is well defined and gives a reasonable deadline.  Jim can do the chore anytime on the next 3 days.  he could also choose to pay someone else to do it.  The parent does not care as long as the job gerts done no later than Saturday morning.

How would you enforce that if Jim did not mow?
The statement the parent made is enforceable becasue the parent is in control of transportation to and from practice.  No reminders are given.  If Jim has not mowed, the parent leads with empathy but must be willing to stick with the plan.  The consequences wll do the teaching.  No lecture is needed.

Parent on Saturday:  Jim, this is the pits.  I know the team will miss having you there but I can';t take you to practice untoil the lawn is mowed.

Note:  Jim will not be happy.  The parent may wish to call the coach and explain what they did and why  but should not rescue Jim.

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