Friday, April 9, 2010

On hotels, good neighbors and chores...

Love and Logic Webinars

Ever ask yourself if you are running a home or a hotel?  You might be running a hotel if everyone expects the maid (you?) to pick up after them; the kitchen is always open for short order service;  or your family expects clean bedding and linens to "magically appear" in their bedrooms and bathrooms.

Is it time for a change?  I always remind myself of Love and Logic's "good neighbor philosophy".  Would I let a neighbor visit my house and treat me in the same way?  Would they ever be invited back?  Shouldn't every home be a place where we treat each other like good neighbors?

Chores turn a family into behaving like good neighbors with each other.  They help to create a sense of mutual importance and value within the family.  Chores also are one of the best places for parents to start if they feel things have gotten a little out of control in the home and can be used effectively as consequences or to pay parent back for an "energy drain."  (The "Energy Drain" concept is taught in the the CD Love and Logic Magic when Kids Drain Your Energy.)

Remember we are raising future spouses for our daughter's or son"s-in law to deal with and the future parents of ourgrandchildren.  There's a lot at stake!

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