Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taming The Electonic Monster

How much is too much TV?  How much is too much when it comes to video games?  How much is too much when it comes to cell phones? Texting?  Instant messaging? Social networks? 

You might not be asking these questions just for your children. Perhaps you or your spouse have disengaged from the family for long hours to run the farm or manage the mafia or go in search Farkle chips.   More then one young wife I know complains about their husband's involvement with video games at the expense of engaging with them or with their children.  

So what's a family to do?  I found some thoughtful answers this week on Oprah as I watched Peter Walsh .  The show aired on Monday, Jan. 11. It's the story of a family tuned in to everything but each other and how one week made all the difference.

You can view the video yourself at: on this topic coming.

Note: The cartoon in this blog is  from Gary Olsen,

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