Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I want that!

Most kids are in getting into full "want that" mode right now as Christmas ads, store displays and television marketing campaigns have a full impact!  It's to be expected.  Most of the time a no comment policy is not a bad way to go rather then constant lecturing.  I just wonder what would happen if we each took time with the children in our lives to do some sly "redirecting."  The goal here is not guilt but to open up the thinking process and create some great values based conversations.

"I want that!"
  • It's beautiful.  If you could give that to anyone else but yourself, who would really love it?  Why?
  • I wonder who would love to give that to you?  Why?  What would make you want to give someone a gift like that?
  • If today was the last day on earth for us, what stuff would we need?
  • Why do you think the Christmas story is about how God gave Jesus to the world instead of a bunch of stuff?
  • Would you rather have  _______ or __________?  Why?
        • world peace  or   an i-pod?
        • feed a hungry family or buy 2 DVDs
Our local Nice Twice resale shop not only benefits needy families but is in constant need of donated items and volunteers.  So, here's a chance to involve your children in decluttering your house and personally taking a trip to deliver donated items.  At our resale shop children can do things like snip buttons off of shirts going to the rag bag so that the buttons can be reused.    Check with the manager, chances are your family could do an hour of volunteering together. You could simply deliver baked goods to say thank you to the volunteers who work there. The shop might also be willing to give you a tour and tell you what the money they raise goes for.

Our young adult children cringe at Christmas.  They want to be givers but have no money and have indicated they feel funny receiving in abundance when they cannot give.  So we've de-emphasized the whole giving thing in favor of time together.  I suspect the giving tradition may ramp up again if they ever get married and give me grandchildren.  :)

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