Friday, December 25, 2009

The B Word

One year we outlawed the B word at our house.  We'd grown tired of having children with rooms full of toys and electronics who had the audacity to say aloud, "I'm bored!"   It might not have been very Love and Logic of us but my husband and I decided a drastic lesson was needed.  Rather then give them the threatening "I'll give you something to be bored about" lecture... we simply made a new rule.  Anyone (including Dad and Mom) who used the dreaded B word would immediately get to do 2 hours of chores.  (We also pre-prepared some suitable lists of chores.)

It wasn't too long before each of our sons at different times accidentally said they were BORED in our presence. Naturally, they were only to happy to point out the other's misdeed just in case we'd missed it ourselves. We looked shocked.  We gave amazing amounts of empathy.  We also followed through with passing out the list, setting the timer, and checking on "well done" completion.

Guess what?  A problem that had been annoying us for months suddenly disappeared in less then a few days and never came back.  It was amazing!

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