Friday, November 20, 2009

The Thanksgiving Home

Chances are you will be preparing for visitors (or planning to be guests at someone else's home next week).  So maybe it's time to apply some Love and Logic thinking to the holidays. 

Everyone Coming to Your House?
Love and Logic reminds us that we are running a home not a hotel.  So nobody gets room service and everybody pitches in!  The L&L philosophy also holds high the value of children learning competence and experiencing their valuable role in the family by helping out.  So, force yourself to think of all the ways you could be sharing the workload as the days the Thanksgiving approach.

Remember that the process is more important then perfection!  Just get everyone involved and have some fun! A gazillion housecleaning chores can be shared... organize the family  for 15 minutes a day of  "CHORE CHUGGING" from now until next Thursday. 

Fill a bowl up with scraps of paper on which age appropriate jobs have been listed.  Call everybody together and set the timer for 15 minutes. (A little high energy music would not be amiss). 

The challenge? Pull out a slip, do the chore, and if you complete it pull out another slip... try to complete as many chores as you can in 15 minutes.  Do this 4 times before Thanksgiving and if you have a family of four that adds up to 4 full hours of housework done.  One idea might be to have small glasses (4 oz.) of sparkling apple juice lined up on the kitchen table near the chore slips... when you finish a chore, race back and chug a glass of cider before you grab your next chore slip.  The person who chugs the most glasses of juice wins!

Chore Chugging Ideas
  • bleach wipe all the countertops in the bathroom
  • scour a sink
  • scrub a toilet
  • strip all the pillow cases in the house and take them to the laundry room
  • check every bathroom for a full roll of TP
  • baseboard dusting
  • dusting furniture in a room
  • vaccuming a room
  • wipe off cabinet fronts
  • emptying all the garbage cans in every room in the house.
  • outting new garbage bags in every garbage can
  • shine all the faucets in the house
  • sweep the front porch
  • wash the patio door windows inside and out
  • bleach wipe door handles
  • shine the stainless steal flatware
  • fold napkins
Next Post:  Involve everyone in meal preparation.

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