Thursday, November 26, 2009


SLOWING - If you are like me and have children, a crazy busy life, or just feel a bit overwhelmed I have some ideas for us to consider.
  • What would happen if we intentionally and thoughtfully slowed down life a bit for the next 30 days?
  • What if we stayed home together a minimum of 4 nights a week?
  • What if we totally limited adult and child technology time at home to 2 hours a day (computer, DVD, texting, video games, cell phones, etc...) and instead added in "chore chugging" (see earlier posts), gift making, baking, or some other together acitivity.
  • What if we planned to sit together at the dinner table for a full 30 minutes. I might have to start with 20 minutes and an egg timer an add a minute a day. We could use the extra time to share highs and lows from the day, to tell about something we're each grateful for, to take turns sharing an affirmation about each person at the table, or share ideas for wacky inventions.... face time, relational time is the key here.
  • What if I didn't go to most of the parties I'll be invited to?
  • What if one day a week we put the car(s) in the garage and didn't go anywhere for anything?
  • What if we didn't eat out at all for 4 weeks?
  • What if I stayed home and didn't go to any Black Friday sales?

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