Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Mom's Victory!

This week a Love and Logic mom sent me a story about her victory. The story involved one of those common altercations pre-schoolers can have with other children that can be so frustrating to moms. The children involved had done some hitting and kicking but this mother's child had lied about being involved. She did a lot of things right but near the end of her narrative came these words:

She said, "I was so proud of myself for not yelling, not taking the lying personally, not lecturing, and not over-verbalizing."

  • Love and Logic is non-anger based because this helps children to focus on their own behaviour instead of on the other person's anger.
  • Love and Logic reminds adults to limit explaining because over-explaining communicates to children that we don't think they are smart enough to figure it out.
  • Not taking a child's misbehavior personally is about letting them own their own problems and come up with solutions to them or simply to learn from the consequences.
Parents tell me all the time that Love and Logic makes them feel empowered - me too!

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