Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving Night Bedtime Earlier....

Back to school and the tricky business of moving bedtime earlier when it's still light out for a long time...

Drill Sergeants usually just say something like, "School starts this week so we're going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night. No whining or I'll give you something to wine about!"

Helicopter Parents might say, "That's okay honey. I know its hard to adjust to getting up earlier. I'll call your teacher the first few days and let her know why we'll be late."

Love and Logic options include
  • Offering Choices that you can live with: "School starts in 4 days. Do you want to start going to bed 1 hour earlier starting tonight or would you rather just move bedtime back 15 minutes earlier each night for the next 4 nights?"
  • Use a problem solving approach. School starts in a four days. Do you think it will be hard to get up earlier? How do you want to handle this? (Remember, this approach involves you offering options that other kids have tried, and letting kids learn by making the wrong choice. )
  • Enforceable Statements: "Breakfast is on the table from 7-7:30. Feel free to eat as much as you want to get you through to lunch. " or " The car leaves the driveway at 7:45. If you don't make ot don't worry. I'll leave the taxi number by the phone. It's only $15.00." No rescuing -You have to be willing to let your children figure out how to pay for things if you go this direction. Talk with a friend, figure out all the things that might go wrong and plug the holes BEFORE you try a technique.

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  1. Very good ideas. We are considering pre-school for our little one, so the first two might be necessary.


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