Monday, June 22, 2009

17 Moms in New Class

Awesome morning with 17 amazing Moms as we started worked through the first session of Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun. Today we learned about the value of "Going Brain Dead" and then about the magic of leading with empathy and locking it in before consequences.

Going Brain Dead is a great little skill. It asks us NOT to focus on what our children are saying in those moments when they want to engage us in arguing. Instead reply kindly with a phrase like "I know" or "I guess it seems that way." The trick is to keep with the phrase and not let yourself lose your cool or engage in arguing with your child. They might still get angry but you don't have to.


Child: Mom, could I go over to Adam's house?
Mom: Sure. Feel free to go to Adam's as soon as you pick up your toys.
Child: I want to go now.
Mom. I know.
Child: I don't want to pick up my toys
Mom: I know
Child: You are the meanest Mom
Mom: I guess it seems that way.

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  1. That seems right-on...and I bet there are more argumentative techniques the little brain-busters use. Of course they know anger means they might win.


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