Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Series on Bedtime!

I get so many questions about bedtime. I am going to review all my old posts on this and reschedule them with some tweaking for a new series on this blog.

BUT... I just got a GREAT question from a Mom...

"Not sure I am understanding- Love and Logic does not agree with BEDTIME?" - They refer to quiet time -Being a mother for 14 years + lots of years of raising children.... I don't really agree with this .... confused...."

This is my opportunity to remind you what Love and Logic says... experiment. Not every technique will work for you or fit your strongly held beliefs. You don't have to use those.

So does Love and Logic believe in bedtime?

You'll find me incorporating many sources on bedtime. It is true that when children are older Love and Logic says you can't control whether or not a child actually goes to sleep. (Actually adults can't go to sleep on command either.)

At some point it is also important to have them be in control of their own bed time and learn to deal with the consequences of being tired and not being able to function well. This means you can't rescue them by allowing them to get up later or lie to the school for them. If they choose to stay up late Thursday studying for that big Chemistry test and then to sleep in on Friday - the Saturday detention is their problem to deal with.

Having said that there is a ton of research out there on good sleep hygiene and most experts suggest it is a parent's job when children are younger to help them learn about that and develop good patterns.

Look for more posts the next few weeks on bedtime. With the days getting longer and summer schedules changing bedtimes it's a good time to review. Remember, if you comment, I will respond via a post asap. Just click on the word comment under a post. :)

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