Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oops = back to toddler hood since a parent wrote in...

Heres' the challenge for these parents of twins...
"If I could "interrupt" we need your help! We have twin girls (almost 3). At dinner time (about 5:00) one sits & eats great while the other ALWAYS throws a fit, eats VERY little & begs to be held or get down from her chair. Her famous line now is, "My legs hurt!" This is paired with constant screaming & whining. We've tried everything from "L&L" (bedroom time..."So sad...we're going to have to do something about this later," etc.) and have even tried totally ignoring her. However, that just tortures us with a constant tantrum for the 15-20 mins. of family meal time.Any advice will be greatly appreciated (bonus if it works). Thanks!"

Hmmm- I may end up calling Jim Fay on this one. It really seems like you are doing all the right things. yey! Sorry about the torture though! :(

I am a twin but have never parented them. So if you read this e-mail and want to chime in please feel free to do so! Some options that might be worth experimenting with include...
  • Arranging for the whole family to go out to dinner but explaining that the crier can't go because that would disturb others or because you want to eat somewhere where you don't have to listenm to crying. (They might be a bit young for this if they are only two.)
  • Arranging for some pre-dinner cuddle time just in case a lack of attention is an issue. "We can cuddle now. At dinner everyone needs to sit in their own chair and eat."
  • Check with a doctor to see if the legs really hurt
  • Just keep on keeping on because you are doing the right things and a certain amount of torture from two year olds is normal. (Sorry - true but not very helpful.)

I promise next week to call Jim Fay and get back to you.

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  1. Thank you, Jill! I thought we were doing all the right things too, so it's reassuring to read your comments. :-)
    Really appreciate your suggestions too. Hadn't tried those yet. But trust me...the "leg thing" is something that worked in the past (because she'd been sitting on her knees & they fell asleep) so she's learned to beat that one to exhaustion (we're so proud of her intelligence. Ha!). Thanks again!!


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