Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love and Logic Experiments

For Parents of young children: Try the steps of the "Uh Oh Song" for at least TWO WEEKS following these steps exactly. (Before you try this technique the first time wait until a day when you are well rested and have practiced it well in your head)
  1. Instead of making threats or giving warnings say, "Uh Oh, Looks like a little bedroom time!"
  2. Gently carry, lead or guide the child to their bedroom. (Make the room safe ahead of time - remove anything you don't want broken)
  3. Give your child a choice about the door - "Do you want the door shut or open?" If they come out before you say so, make sure the door is shut and stays shut. You may have to wedge it shut or lock it on the outside if you don't want to stand their and hold it shut. (Of course, stay nearby and don't leave the house for safety sake.)
  4. Say, "Feel free to come out when you're acting sweet."

What if they throw a major fit? This may be harder on you then it is on them but keep reminding yourself that in the long term this will give you a happier and more well behaved child. Be careful that you are not angry and that you don't use too many words. Let the consequence do the teaching.

I've included a link to just one of the books that include practical "experiments:" Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood by Jim & Charles Fay. If you click on the title of this post it will take you right to this book on the L&L website

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