Thursday, March 26, 2009

Learning About Sex 4

Okay - here it is book 3 in the Learning About Sex Series from Concordia Publishing House: How You are Changing (10-12). This is the time to help your child prepare for Adolescence.

Here's my recommendation. This is not a book to slip under the pillow and hope your son or daughter will read it. Plan a special time with your child and read this together. It's got 8 little chapters of about 4 pages each. Some options might include...
  1. A series of reading "dates"
  2. A weekend road trip
  3. Two moms taking a trip with daughters or 2 dads taking a trip with sons

This is the book that covers menstruation so if you have a daughter that is maturing early use it earlier rather then later. Some Moms have made a gift of the supplies that will be needed soon and perhaps some other little marker (like a charm bracelet or necklace) of this special entry into womanhood. I would also recommend the American Girl series, The Care and Keeping of You because it deals well with all the hygiene and grooming issues girls need to know about.

The boys version includes night time ejaculation, use of athletic supporters in sports and why boys may mature later then girls. It covers how girls are changing too. What an awesome time for fathers to help their son's learn about respecting and being protective of the opposite sex.

So what if you are a single parent? Enlist a mature male or female friend to help you out but don't be afraid of also reading this book with your opposite gender child. It's just jam packed with great information that will yield fruitful conversations in the years ahead.

Another resource you may find helpful is Preparing for Adolescence from Focus on the Family.

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