Saturday, March 21, 2009

Learning About Sex # 2

Why Boys and Girls are Different (ages 4-6)

(I should have told you when we started this series of posts that the Learning About Sex series is from a Christian Publishing house but you probably picked up already that that is my worldview. I mention it now because I don't want to surprise those of you who do not have this kind of worldview.)

Sex education in your home really starts when you start teaching your little one to name their body parts. It is a natural part of potty training as well. Why Boys and Girls are Different is a story book that goes as far as to show a picture of a little boy and girl saying "God gave girls a vagina. It is on the inside. That is the best place for it" and "God gave boys a penis. It is on the outside. That is the best place for it." In the course of the story it mentions marriage and talks about family relationships like uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins. It mentions pregnancy and that God puts people in "different kinds of families" while also mentioning what it is to have a "church family."

Both the boys and girls version do a particularly fine job of valuing both he's and she's.

For me the tie in to Love and Logic is this... Greta parents equip their children throughout the years they have them for the way the real world works now and for the one they will someday function in on their own. Valuing gender differences, healthy body concept and sexuality are certainly part of this journey.

You can find this book

If you order it, be sure to check for the boys version or the girls version.

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