Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parenting with a Plan Mission and Vision

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The corporate word is familiar with mission and vsion statements but the two can be so easily confused. So, even though I'll define them here... just do your best and don't get too bogged down.

Mission: A mission statement for your family defines "why you exist"...(think one very brief phrase)

Vision: A vision statement for your family is your picture of your family's future 5 to 10 years from now. This should be brief but could still take several paragpraphss to describe. (Just don't start thinking of goals or how to yet)

Remember, Mission and Vision grow out of core beliefs or values. Our imaginary family had listed these values (every family's will be somewhat different).
Christ - centered Is Respectful of one another
Values time together Believes everyone should share the responsibilities
Believes everyone should give their best effort
Believes making the world a better place is important.
Uses resources wisely

This family's mission might be: "Our Mission is to raise healthy productive citizens who love the Lord."

Their vision statement gives a glimpse of the ideal future they imagine for their family: "Ten years from now our children will have strong faith and be living out that faith in their lives. They will have excellent relational skills, manage their allowances well, and contribute to the family through shared responsability. Our family intentionally sets aside time to be with one another and all of us are regularly involved in service activities that make the world a better place. Our children are considered to be positive role models among their peers."

Love and Logic fits in later as a key strategy to help them achieve their vision.

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