Friday, January 16, 2009

Parenting with a Plan - Core Values

Applying strategic planning techniques to parenting can be eye opening. A key component of most strategic planning models is to begin with your organizations values. The idea is that all the planning and the strategies used to achieve success grows out of these values.

Wouldn't it be awesome if families regularly sat down together to discuss and identify the 5-7 core values that are so important to the family that if these values changed then the family would fundamentally change as well.

These core values help your family and every individual in it to be clear about strategy - based on your core values - and to then consciously make decisions about direction, goals, activities, use of resources etc. as you relate to the ever changing environment within which you live.

A sample set of values. We are a family that

1. Is Christ - centered

2. Is Respectful of one another

3. Values time together

4. Believes everyone should share the responsibilities

5. Believes everyone should give their best effort
6. Believes making the world a better place is important.

7. Uses resources wisely

There are probably hundreds of values families have and could list but sitting down together and
narrowing the possibles to the 5-7 most important ones for your family is worth it. If your children are small do this with your spouse. If you parent alone consult with someone whose opinion you trust as you live out your family values.

Remember, the value of a strategic plan is that it allows you to respond to the changes and challenges that will happen. Love and Logic provides tools that you can use to help your children become responsible decision makers and live competently in the real world.

Jill Hasstedt (The cartoon is from Gary Larson

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