Friday, January 30, 2009

Parenting with a Plan 6 - Priorities

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This is my last strategic planning entry. It's time to set goals. Since your family does not have all the resources (in time, energy, or money) to do every activity it could be doing to achieve your vision, you have to prioritize. So, if your goal is for every child to develop a responsible attitude toward money, how will you do that? Some parents decide to give every child a weekly allowance equal to their age times $1.00. All personal spending for treat or extras must must come from this allowance. They want a candy bar at the store? Your answer is, "feel free to buy yourself whatever you can afford." They'll learn to live with in their means.
What if your goals for your children is that they will know how to do their own laundry before they leave home? Somewhere between age 10 and 12 (about the time they start to complain about the clothes they want to wear not being clean) some parents teach their children how to sort colors and figure out what temperature to use, and what all the dial settings mean on the washer.
Along the way you'll have to evaluate if your strategies have been a success and what new goals might need to be worked on. Celebrate those successes!

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