Monday, January 26, 2009

Parenting with a Plan 5 - Strategize and "Buddy Up"

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If you identified what it is that makes your family unique (Core Values); defined your families mission, and thought about what your dreams are for your family to look like in 10 or 15 years (Vision) then you have the beginnings of a rock solid strategic plan in mind. Now comes the really interesting part...
A Strategic planner would ask you to consider: "What are the activities you need to perform to in order to achieve your vision?" As you move toward doing this consider how your strategies match your strengths and utilizes the opportunities available to your family. Your strategies will focus on the kind of growth you want to see in your family: financial, educational. relational, physical, and spiritual.
Along the way you'll do a lot of learning. Healthy families are not problem free families. They are families who deal with what they need to deal with in healthy ways and learn from their past to improve their future. Sometimes that means you will need to "buddy up" - partner with others to achieve success.
Search Institutes' Asset Research is really clear on this. Children who have 4 or more positive adult relationships other than their parents are far less likely to be involved in risk taking behavior during adolescence. So the way to buddy up is to help your children develop those positive adult relationships with aunt's, uncles, grandparents, coaches, teachers, youth leaders and other parents. Of course "buddying up" could also be seeking financial advice, counseling, and other outside assistance. Love and Logic Parenting classes will connect you with other adults on the same game plan. They are a great way to "buddy up."

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  1. I'm a buddy to a couple at church who have two girls entering teenage years. I love the discussions we have as they are fine young women. I also have a number of nieces that I wish I was closer to so that they'd feel like they could talk to me! Thanks for this post, it's very encouraging.


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