Monday, January 12, 2009

Have a New Kid by Friday #6

Friday - The Doc Is In ...and Its You
This is the final day before Kevin Leman moves to a really practical series of situations and practical ways to deal with them. (Again... OH SO Similar to Love and Logic!) The final idea is to pull together a game plan and then to be excited about your first opportunity to put it in play! It's true... when there are rock solid tools in your tool box then it is empowering to use them and find out they work.

A-Z Game Plans that Really Work
The last section of the book is awesome! Dr. Leman offers practical strategies for everything from allowances to chores to Sibling Rivalry issues, Wardrobe issues, Whining and so much more!!! I hope you love the book. For example his advice on whining is to never let kids feel rewarded for bad behavior. Attention can be a reward. So the smart mom and dad will pick up the child and say, "If you want to whine, whine outside. I don't want to hear it." By doing so you remove yourself as an audience and also thwart the child's strategy to get their own way. (Of course you have to move the child outside or move yourself away from the whiner)

Tomorrow is a new topic!

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