Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Have a New Kid by Friday #4

We're walking through this book chapter by chapter ... it's a great companion for anyone using Love and Logic parenting tools.

Chapter 3: Wednesday

Dr. Leman makes some great points like, "What your children think about you at any one particular time isn't necessarily what they will think about you for life." He urges parents to be calm, consistent in discipline, to do what you say you will do and over time you'll earn your child's respect trust (but they might not like you all the time and that's okay - really!)

Here's what will work... take a long term view. Think about 3 qualities you want your child to have when they grow up and nurture those by modelling them yourself and by spending time together building the parent child relationship (DON'T get caught up in the rat race of constant activity) tat will instill those values.

Love and Logic talks about helicopters, drill sergeants and consultants (3 parenting styles), Dr. Leman discusses permissive parents, authoritarian parents, and authoritative parents. (Different word - same styles) He reminds us that good parenting is not about providing a Disney like childhood for kids. Instead it is all about preparing your child to competently handle all the real world will throw at them.

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  1. Love Dr. Leman's books: really like the parenting styles comparison-- and the emphasis on preparing children for the world's lessons, not our "ideal" childhood. That may not be the child's ideal in their life too. Sometimes we find ourselves just over-correcting for mistakes we saw in our parents parenting style. We have to pull back and think it through.


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