Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bullet Proof Attitude

I just got back from the chiropractor who thought I was well adjusted already (My husband might not agree) and I even had a massage. The massage therapist, Megan, noted I was remarkably knot free... so what's the secret to me stress freeness right now?

Atleast for a little while, I am bullet proof. I have given up on perfection. My in-laws are in town for 2 weeks and staying with us and since my own parents are in heaven (I miss them dearly), I find myself really wanting my husband and sons to be able to enjoy this time with his parents while we still have them.

The house is not sparkling clean and I did not put up all the Christmas decorations this year but every guest wll be loved and welcomed and well fed. Time and togetherness seem to be the most important thing right now.

I'm not promising I won't be stressed out again next week... but right now I love my attitude and the effect it is having on the whole family. Next year no one will remember my decorations or the cleanliness of my house... but if someone isn't here next year we'll always have this memory of a happy time together.

So let the milk spill and the packages be wrapped imperfectly. Love and Logic is all about choices. So, I am choosing. I choose imperfection and to go with the flow so I can love the people I am with well and enjoy them more.

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