Friday, November 7, 2008

Let the pot come to a boil...

Sometimes it takes time for a lesson to be learned.

Two wonderful parents I know do ask their 1st grade son to do chores. That's a great idea as it builds self esteem and makes children see how they are part of the family. (See previous entries on chores) One of his chores is clearing the table after dinner. When he did not want to to do that, they offered him the option to pay one of them $1 to do this chore. (See previous entries on offering choices,) He agreed. He has an allowance and had a birthday not too long ago so he had accumulated a bit of money. He began paying one of them almost every night to do this chore for him. Then one day he asked his Mom if they could go to Gamestop and buy a game. She said yes they could and that he could use his own money to buy the game he wanted. When he went to check how much he had, his savings had dwindled to just $4... not enough to buy a game.

1. These parents followed through even though it seemed like their son was "winning".
2. They allowed the lesson to run its course even though they could see what was coming.
3. They did not jump in with explanations or lectures or try to rescue him.

This little boy is very lucky! He is learning very early in life to know the consequences of his decisions.

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