Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holidays are so busy!

Hi Parenting Friends!

The holidays will be busy and of course there will be more parenting challenges. I'll be posting a bit less ... weekly instead of 3 to 4 times a week. I've been gleaning what I believe are some Love and Logic friendly tips for you though...
  1. Give less this year. Prepare them by talking about this ahead of time if you are changing some unhealthy habits from the past. It will be great for your kids and for your financial health. Love and Logic has an amazing CD that will make you think twice about how you show love for your children. (From Innocence to Entitlement). If we raise children who think it is their right to be inundated with gifts at Christmas, we can potentially create greedy children who don't know how to function on their own when the funds are not available to provide instant need gratification.
  2. Let your children overhear you talking to others about how grateful you are for the blessings you have and let them hear you express concern (and pray for) those you see who have less.
  3. Involve yourselves as a family in charitable endeavor. Carry a packed lunch in the car that you can give away to the first homeless person you see. Take items you don't need to Good Will. Put change in the Salvation Army Ringer's Bucket. Volunteer at a charity based second hand store together (They always need help hanging clothes, carrying boxes, taking buttons off clothes they can't sell.) Your local church might be like ours: providing food baskets for the needy, gifts for prisoners families (Angel Tree) or shoes for overseas missions.
  4. Involve them in the chores of Christmas as you work together as a family to get your home ready for the season.
  5. Get a great children's book (or find a Bible and turn to the book of Luke.) Read the story of the real first Christmas... a time when God sent his son to be born as a human child into this world to live as we live so that he could rescue the world from sin and every evil. He did not send his son to be part of a rich family and the circumstances of his birth were humble. But the angels sang of his coming to the shepherds and wise men (kings) came to worship him.

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