Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Refusing to Do Chores

Man! I hate when this happens! Fortunately, Love and Logc parents have some powerful tools at their disposal!

First (review): It does give you a powerful tool if you do provide children with an allowance. You don't however, pay them to do chores. An allowance is part of what they get to cover their expenses as a member of the family, a gift from a kind and generous parent. If you have also provided a choice about what chores to do and a reasonable deadline that is also good!

Next, have a plan in place in advance for what will happen if the chores are not done. (DO NOT warn them of the plan in advance or threaten them with consequences. Let them believe you assume compliance.) What's the plan? You could
  1. Pay someone else to do the job and take that out of theri allownace.
  2. Pay someone else to do the chore and allow children to pawn or sell persoanl belongings at a garage sale to cover the cost. Another option is to do it yourself and accept payment in belongings. (These belongings could be earnedb ack by future chores above and beyond their normal ones)
  3. If the deadline was completion before the next meal... one option is thatthey don't get to eat that meal until the chore is completed.
  4. If the deadline was before the end of the day? Wake them up to copmplete the job.

Note: If a child is paying someone else to do the chores... be sure to figure out where the money is coming from.

If a child does chores but does them poorly, then it's time for them to pay for someone to supervise them while they do the chore. When they can complete the chore well with no supervision, they will save a lot of money!

Never remind a child to do their chores... this teaches them not to think for themselves. It is always best to let consequences do the teaching!

Hope this helps!

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