Monday, October 27, 2008

Bless your child with chores!

The class I teach, "Becoming a Love and Logic Parent" ended last night here in Belleville, Illinois. It turns out that several of the parents who completed it live on the same culdesac. When one little boy who'd recently moved into the area found out that the other children had chores, he went home and asked his mom for some. Isn't that cool? Oh the value of parents coming together behind the scenes!

Last night's class was on the value of chores. Kevin Leman, another favorite L&L friendly parenting author I love to learn from, says we should be running homes not hotels. The truth is that a child's self concept will grow as they learn that they are a valued part of the family.

Tips for chores.
  1. Call them contributions not chores.
  2. Communicate what you do as chores. Once they see how long your list is, simply ask if they would like you to continue making those contributions. (My sons definitely wanted me to continue paying the DSL, electricity, water, and cell phone bills)
  3. Next, offer some choices for contributions that will be regularly expected from them. Would you like to rake leaves or clean out the garage? Wash the kitchen floor or clean the bathrooms?
  4. Then, offer a time frame for completion. I usually ask them something like... would it be reasonable for me to expect this to be done before you eat dinner tonight? (Any enforceable statement is good.)

What if they don't do the chores by that time? I'll post about that next time!

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  1. AMEN! We have been struggling with our 10 year old to help around the house. These tips will definitely help!


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