Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bedtimes 101-1 (from the Archive)

Bedtimes were always one of our favorite times with our 2 guys. That doesn't mean there weren't challenging moments. Some of the rituals we started with them were ones that lasted well into their teen years giving us an amazing end of the day connection. Some of the rituals were one's we'd learned from our parents but some were new to our little family.

Some Assumptions
  • Ritual is comforting to children at bedtime and helps bring them to a quiet place for restful sleep. Doing the same thing every night is a healthy sleep preparation habit.
  • "Never let the sun set on your anger." Bedtime was a good time to let it all go, forgive any hurts, and end the day in love.
  • Focus on and list the blessings or good things of the day. Be grateful
  • Reading and made up story time is fun at bedtime
  • This should not be a hurried part of the day.
  • Praying at the end of the day lays all worries and concerns where they belong, with God, and is a precious and intimate time with your child.
I should give you a heads up if you are reading this and do not have a Christian framework. The next few postings will reveal this. I think the info will still be very useful to everyone but I didn't want to ambush anyone who wasn't Christian. Jill H.

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