Monday, October 6, 2008

All About Mornings - Breakfast 101-2

What if my child isn't hungry in the mornings?

Every parent's aim is a smooth morning routine for the whole family and good health habits that are sustainable for life. This situation offers a great opportunity to do some problem solving together as a family. Remember too that the ultimate goal is to give control over to your child for all that needs to happen in the morning so that they make the decisions, experience the consequences of their decisions, and get prepared for the real world..

What are some options other parents have considered when they have a child whose appetite doesn't wake up the same time they do?
  • Some parents look at themselves to see if they are modeling eating a good breakfast.
  • Some parents recognize that a good breakfast doesn't have to be a big breakfast. The encouragement is just to get a little healthy nutrition in.
  • Some parents keep boxes of Kashi bars (good sources of fiber and some protein) in the car in case a child wants to pop one in their backpack if a hunger attack occurs.
  • Some parents cut out late night eating as a family so that everyone will be hungrier in the morning.

Got any other ideas?

Take care - Jill

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