Saturday, October 4, 2008

All About Mornings - Breakfast 101-1

Almost every article I read on weight loss, brain function, and family nutrition (and certainly every cereal ad on television) reminds me, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day!"

My favorite new ad is the Wal-mart ad I heard this morning. It was reminding me that a fast food breakfast costs $5.00 per person a day but a healthy breakfast with cereal and milk purchased at Wal-mart is just 50 cents per person a day. So, your family of 4 can save almost $900 a year if they have a breakfast like this just once a week! I figured it out... they are right!

Okay... did I make you feel guilty? I made me feel guilty! (Sorry!) But then I remember that my favorite Maya Angelo quote is "I did the best I could and when I knew better I did better."

So here is breakfast 101-1: Make it a goal to eat breakfast at home with your child everyday because:
  • Your child will benefit with better performance at school
  • Though it means getting up earlier, the emotional start to the day as you take time to connect will be better too. (See All About Mornings - Waking up 101)
  • You will save a ton of money which you can use for charity or to pay down debt.
  • You will benefit personally at work , by lowering your real age ( and will be modelling great healthy habits for your child(ren).
But what if you or your child is not hungry in the morning? But what if your poky eater makes everyone late? But what if your child does not wake up in time (See All About Mornings- Waking Up 101)? But what if you have to leave and they haven't eaten. Look for my next blog postings as I share what some other parents have tried.

Take care, Jill :)

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