Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living in the Real World

Tonight, I'll be facilitating the first of seven classes in Becoming a Love and Logic Parent. As always, I am a little nervous. I don't want anyone to think that I think I am a parenting expert.
I am just another traveller on the journey. I do have a huge heart for anyone trying to the best they can possibly do with the most important job they'll ever be given by God to do.

Early on in life love is shown through protection and when children are little that seems doable for the most part. Fred and I were good at feeding, changing, baby proofing the house, toy safety. But we couldn't protect them from everything. We couldn't always protect them from germs, an occasional fall, or getting their feelings hurt. As a matter of fact, as they got older... there was more and more that we could not protect them from. I hated that!

It became clear that they would have to solve many of their own problems, make decisions, develop self control, and even develop a bit of a tough skin. Children learn by imitating or modelling after adults so we need to model the healthy skills they will need in every possible way. They'll need to learn how to handle mistakes by watching us handle ours. They need to learn that you don't always get warnings in life. They need to see us modelling healthy problem solving skills and to see us taking good care of ourselves. Learning about the consequences and challenges of living in the real world while they are young and the price tag is small is an amazing gift to give your children.

Because life is ultimately full of some big knocks... I wanted to also pass on to my children my belief that God is a loving father who sent his own son Jesus to love and forgive us and promises to be with us no matter what. He also gave us each other as helpers and encouragers along the way.

So, welcome to my this new group and to anyone else who stops by this blog! My prayer is we will become helpers and encouragers to one another. Jill H. :)

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