Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When Kids Leave You Speechless #2

This is entry #2 of 10 on the book, "Love and Logic Magic Magic when kids Leave You Speechless," by Jim and Charles Fay available from

The second of the Four Basic Principles of Love and Logic is that we should help kids to "solve problems and think for themselves."

The premise here to help kids become have many opportunities to make decisions at a young age then when the consequences ar small so that they make wise decisions later in life when the consequences are much larger. How do parents do that?
1. Give them lots of opportunities to make reasonable choices.
2. Allow them to experience and live with the consequences of their choices (no rescuing)
3. Allow them to solve the problem created by the choices they made. (That could be as simple as asking them "What are you going to do to solve this problem?"

The above content is from p. xxi in the book.

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