Sunday, August 17, 2008

Book: Please Listen To Me

Love and Logic Blog Reader, Joanne, recommends this book. Thanks Joanne. I am headed to Borders!

Joanne's comment on "Using Empathy (#6 in the When Kids Leave You Speec...":
"Loved your entry on "reflective listening!" There is a newly-released book on this subject that I'd like to recommend to you and your readers. It specifically includes a chapter on listening to young children. Many scenarios are provided for the sake of example and it is relevant to any parent or spouse in relating to others. The book is called PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! and it is written by Dick Fetzer. It is one of the best how-to guides to reflective listening on the market today. Written in a style easy to understand and with many practical applications. Find it on any online bookstore or go to"

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