Saturday, August 23, 2008

#10 Love and Logic Magic When Kids Leave You Speechless

"Boredom Training" (p. 206-213)

Purposely developing a Boredom Training Session (BTS) is as simple as giving your children (and maybe yourself if you have a low boredom threshold) practice in learning to entertain themselves in creative ways. If you have children who become bored easily, or are unhappy, or difficult to be around if they are not constantly entertained... you NEED BTS! Your children will develop self-control and problem solving skills that are necessary for school, work, and interpersonal relationships!

BTS Basics!

Pick a convenient time (when you have time and energy to follow through).

Consider how your child might react and come up with a plan.

Prepare 3 Love and Logic Tools:

  1. Be prepared to hand the problem back to them if they say I'm bored. ( "What are you going to do?" )
  2. Go "Brain Dead" if they try manipulation or arguing ("I love you to much to argue.")
  3. Be prepared to use the "Energy Drain" technique. (Arguing or complaining drains your energy but they can do chores to put energy back in. Don't forget empathy.)

Provide a dull period in your home. (Be prepared for resistance. See #s 1,2,3 above)

Watch your child learn and grow.

Warning: Live what you want your children to learn. That's called modelling. It can be hard as a parent to give up your own high speed, fast paced, entertainment or to limit it. It's hard to consider that you or your spouse might need BTS too. Talk together about this before you try it or your beloved children will divide and conquer in no time. Easier said then done but so worth it!!!!

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